At Surface Finishers we will give you an exceptional finishing service for all your products.

Quantity and size of your products are not an issue. Our two large gas fired ovens, one of which can capacitate up to 6.0m x 2.4m x 2.4m, these ovens cure up to 200 degrees centigrade thus ensuring the material temperature has been reached so that the powder coating is fully cured.

Powder coating has been widely acknowledged as a safe and friendly way to protect product surfaces. This can reduce carbon emissions moving away from solvent-based products.

We stock over 200 powders ranging from RAL, BS3800 to Pantone colours, with the ability to source any colour on the spectrum.

At A&R if powder coating is not applicable due to substrates i.e.: acrylic, glass, timber, plastics, M.D.F, and U.P.V.C. then we can offer you wet spraying to your products.

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